Saturday, May 21, 2011

When Pigs Fly BBQ. Family owned and Gluten free Barbecue on the West Side.

Okay, I admit it.  I must be a homer since almost every place I go to, I love.  
Once again I found a gluten free place worthy of gushing about.  "When Pigs fly" is a Texas style BBQ joint Near Kellogg and the 235.  
It is family owned and the parking lot smells like what heaven probably smells like.

My family went with high expectations and were not disappointed.  The ribs were definitely the best part.  They weren't fatty and still they weren't stringy.  All of the meats were dry rubbed and the ribs were no exception.  I poured the BBQ sauce all over them and they were perfect.  Once bathed in sauce they might have been a little bit salty but when you are eating BBQ, I doubt you are searching for healthy

Another great standout was the baked beans.  These baked beans were slightly spicy, a little sweet and the most surprising thing was the bean choice.  There was an assortment of kidney beans, white beans and magic beans which I would have sold the house for.  It had a distinct taste of chili powder and some other spices I recognized but could not place.  I liked these better than hog wild.  Not nearly as sweet and they grew on me with each bite.
Yummy baked beans

The brisket was good but not quite as good as Hog Wild or Dolce and Joe's.  It was a little dry.  I added a lot of  sauce and enjoyed it still.  They also had loaded potatoes available, which my wife, daughter and mother in law partook of.  They seemed to enjoy theirs.  My mother in law, Ann liked the dry spices on the pulled pork and never added any sauce.  I liked it as well but since I like the Kansas City style, I would have preferred it swimming.

Loaded baked potato
All in all it was a profitable evening.  I will definitely return.  It seems like it would be nice to go there on the way to or from the Zoo.  If you have been there or end up going please make sure you post on here what you thought.

Also it is a few hours since we've eaten and my stomach feels fine.  Full but fine.  No celiac reaction so far.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How you can help me.

Please make sure you tell your gluten free friends about this blog.  Posting the link into their facebook is really helpful.

Also if you are so inclined, if you click on the ads every once and a while (the ones you are interested in) then you can help finance this for us.  If we could eat out gluten free one more time because of this blog it would be awesome.  Of course it is already worth it because I want to help people in the same situation as myself.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mulligans pub: Best Pizza I've had in Wichita

Tucked behind Noodles and Company and all the hubbub that is north Rock road is a nice little pub called Mulligans.  Behind it's normal looking facade is an awesome secret...really good gluten free pizza.

The toppings are buried below the cheese but they are plentiful.
Godfather's was nothing special...
Yia Yia's just tasted weird to me...

Now I have a pizza I actually like in town!  Hooray!  Welcome Mulligans Irish Pub! A friend of mine, Nick Storms, is friends with ownership.  He said they started making gluten free just for him.  The waitress said they only really serve it to one person. (probably Nick!)

When is the last time your pizza was more than personal size?
Anyways,  It was around $12 for a medium pizza which was a good size. (enough for two people)  The sauce is not over-spiced and very even.  The crust is a little on the thin side and a crispy but it doesn't taste like a tortilla or anything.  It's also slightly sweet.  The toppings were generous...seriously generous.  They should not call them toppings but MOUNTAINS of delight.  3 Toppings came with the pizza too!

The guy who cooked our pizza was new and burned it on the edges so the lady from the bar brought out the pizza and said we could eat it while we were waiting for them to make a better one.  It was really nice and I appreciated the willingness to take care of us.  Some places just say "deal with it."  I promised them I would send them more people hungry for gluten free pizza.  Hopefully they will add other things to the menu because the price is right and the people are nice.  Please go there soon!  We need to support places like this.  I would also call ahead since it seems like they are not used to serving a lot of people.  I would caution you to be patient with them and explain to them your intolerance as to help them learn as they go along.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Green Acres Gluten free day

Green Acres cooked up some yummy blondies.  
I do have to say that "Green Acres" did a great job having their very first gluten free day today.  They had about 10 tables out there giving substantial samples of gluten free goodies.  

Yummy Gnocchi!

I enjoyed trying the Gnocchi, with red sauce.  The people were also knowledgeable and helpful.  I hope they continue to do things like this.  There is nothing like seeing many other people filling their baskets with GF food to remind you that you are not alone.  

Hot Pancakes with butter and blueberries.
      I have always appreciated the stellar job that "Food for Thought" has done on their gluten free day and no one can top when they do Thanksgiving, but Green Acres is fast becoming more and more of a gluten free specialty store and they seem out to prove it.  My only hope is that someone catches on that we cannot afford how expensive most GF food is.  Then maybe someone will come up with affordable food!  That is where I would shop.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Going to be interviewed on Friday, this week on KSN news

Mark Davidson from channel 3 contacted me today to talk about Celiac and how following my diet has helped me to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.  It seems awareness of Celiac is on the rise in Wichita and I for one am super excited to be able to share with those who have our disease. 

He said he found me through my blog.  How cool! 

I will post where you can see it, if all goes according to plan.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Website I Check Often

I like to check gluten free in sd.  I know we are not in San Diego but you can find out about national organizations through them.  Here is the link.

Do you have links that help you out a lot?  Please share them.