Sunday, July 31, 2011

Extra stuff from Wild Thyme Cafe

I took lots of pictures from our trip to Wild Thyme Cafe in Maize.  There were things we didn't eat that I thought I should include. 

Here are some more pictures of the dessert too. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Food for thought, gluten free groceries.

Snickerdoodles and brownies
This morning we decided to saunter on over to "Food For Thought" to check out the glorious, gluten free Saturday.  FFT is definitely the best gluten free grocery store in Wichita.  They have several aisles of gluten free food and the frozen food section is amazing.  I honestly cannot think of a place that is better, even in California.  As this was the gluten free day they had a few tables with gluten free goodies on them.  Not as many as in the past but still fun to try.
Yummy Samamaches

They even had mini sandwiches on gluten free bread with honey and sunflower butter.  (Like Peanut butter)  All in all it was worth the trip, but as we get closer to the holidays, that is the time they really outdo themselves.

Within the next couple weeks we are traveling to Colorado Springs and Denver.  We are going to enjoy our gluten free FOODcation and respite from the crazy hot weather here  in Wichita.  We are planning on going to a million places so stay tuned for updates after we get back.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wild Thyme Cafe- Part 2: Dessert

This place is amazing.  While I loved dinner, dessert took the proverbial cake at Wild Thyme Cafe in Maize. 

The Red Velvet cupcake was my favorite.  It was not as dense as most cupcakes.  The cream cheese topping was incredible. 

The Bread pudding was hot and burned the top of my mouth.  It was soft and fluffy.  The almonds felt unnecessary to me but the cherries were a wonderful addition. 

Finally, the carrot cake was popular with everyone at my table.  It was moist and had a cheese-like topping similar to the cupcake.  There was something in it I couldn't place that I didn't really like.  Everyone else at the table overruled me so don't take my word on this one. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Places to Eat in Colorado

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to eat in Colorado Springs, Denver, Estes Park or Boulder?  I think we are going on vacation there soon.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wild Thyme Cafe- Part 1: Main Course

Recently many of you have encouraged me to try Wild Thyme Cafe in Maize.  There were only a few problems, I had no money and it was IN MAIZE!!  Little did I know it would only take us about 15 minutes to get there and we had friends who wanted to treat us!

First off, we were quite hungry and had to try the dinner roll.  It was moist and well spiced.   With some butter it was quite enjoyable.  Certainly more dense than a normal roll, it was consumed with ferocity. 

For the main course my wife had a Turkey Avocado Sandwich with a cheesy spread.  She loved it.  She said it was so moist.  Also the bacon was nitrate free which is nice since she is prego with our second child and is discouraged to eat anything with nitrates/nitrites.

I had the beef sandwich with gluten free bread.  It had a roasted garlic jam.  The sweet/beefy/cheesy/spicy combo was like a party in my mouth.  It was a little too spicy for me but I loved every bite.  Between my ten waters I cooled down with crackers and hummus.

My Beefy sandwich.

This is one of the best options for a celiac in all of Wichita.                                                                     I will include information about the amazing desserts in a few days!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Planning a trip to Kansas City Gluten free?

As you may or may not know, I have set out to start a Church with some friends and find myself a little bit "po" right now.  So my wife and I are planning to take a 2-3 day vacation to Kansas City.

We have loved eating at Waldo Pizza and I hope to blog about it sometime soon.   The Sesame Chicken at Fortune Wok is sweet and savory.

I was also wondering if there are some other hidden gems we may not be thinking of.  Do you have any suggestions for us?   Is there a place that you would be mad at us if we missed?  Please let us know so we can pretend we are on the greatest vacation of all time. 

All suggestions will be appreciated.

Monday, July 11, 2011

My Blog was mentioned in the Eagle

Special thanks to Denise Neil for mentioning my blog on her blog.  I also had friends call and say my blog was in the paper version of the eagle!  Kinda cool eh? 

It's fun that my blog is so young and I have managed to be on the news and in the paper within the first couple years. 

Here's the link:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wichita Pizza Company: another great choice for gluten free pizza!

Hey guys, first off I wanted to say the management has told me you have ordered many of their pizzas.  When the eagle ran the article about my blog she said you all ordered 25 pizzas in ONE DAY! They also told me they are working on getting the same crust as Waldo Pizza in Kansas City.  Soooo good.  They said they are interested in adding more GF menu items as well.  Please keep supporting them.  Also on my way out today I saw "New Grist Beer"  A top notch gluten free beer worth trying.

As you may know, my wife Ashley is prego with our second child.  All she wants to eat is delicious, greasy Mexican food.  At the same time I am starting a new job as a pastor at City Life Church.  Mexican is cheaper and I have to raise my own salary.  Stack on that the pregnant woman usually wins and we end up eating Mexican almost every week.

However, this week Ashley asked me to pick her up some Mexican and then get myself a pizza!  Success!  Huzzah!  Obviously I wear the pants in the family since she allowed me pizza.  (Please don't tell her I said that.  Wait she reads this blog. D'oh)

Anyways, the pizza was thin, crispy and scrumptious.  The cheese was melty and bubbly.  The toppings were plentiful.  If I were to compare this pizza with Mulligans, I actually think I would have to go back and try each one side by side.  They both hold their own against regular pizza.  Much better than something gross like Pizza Hut.

The drawbacks are few.  The pizza is not cheap.  It is good sized but if you want toppings you will pay well for them.  Like Mulligans, there really isn't anything else they offer.  Waldo Pizza in Kansas City and Borrelli's in San Diego are the gold standard on offering more than just pizza.

Please try out both pizza places.  Support them for supporting celiac's.  Then tell me how you think they compare.