Sunday, May 15, 2011

How you can help me.

Please make sure you tell your gluten free friends about this blog.  Posting the link into their facebook is really helpful.

Also if you are so inclined, if you click on the ads every once and a while (the ones you are interested in) then you can help finance this for us.  If we could eat out gluten free one more time because of this blog it would be awesome.  Of course it is already worth it because I want to help people in the same situation as myself.


  1. Gluten Free Crust available at Wichita Pizza Company 1520 S.Webb RD

  2. Hey Lisa,
    Thanks for sharing. I will be excited to try it out. How are the prices? Did you like it? Do we have to call ahead. That is walking distance from my house and as a football fan, it could work out quite well for me!