Friday, September 20, 2013

Updated quick list for eating out.
updated 8-8-14

East Side:
Five Guys
BJ's Pizza
Red Robin
Bonefish Grill
Jason's Deli
Ya Ya's
Granite City
Doc Green's
PF Changs
Noodles and Co
Red Lobster
Wichita Pizza Company
Mulligan's Irish Pub
Carlos O' Kelly's
Jimmy Johns
Outback Steakhouse
Jose Peppers
Hu hot
Buffalo Wild Wings
The Olive Garden???
On the Border??

Cravings gluten free bakery
Little Saigon
Five Guys
Old Mill Tasty Shop
B&C creations (They told me the sauce is GF)
Tanya's Soup Kitchen
Pig in Pig Out Barbecue
Taste and See $
Lotus Leaf Cafe
Garden Grill Cafe
Playa Azul??

West Side:
Five Guys
When Pigs Fly Barbecue
Red Lobster
Carlo's O'Kelly's
Pei Wei
Outback Steakhouse
Gobi Grill
Buffalo Wild wings
Jason's Deli
On the Border??

Godfather's Pizza
Carlos O' Kelly's

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Doo-dah diner. Best gluten free breakfast in Wichita...probably Kansas


I've probably said it before but if you wanted to take a food-cation and you were needing gluten free fare, Wichita might be a top ten city to visit.  In the past I held back on this theory because Wichita was lacking awesome gluten free breakfast.  You could have eggs, hash browns etc just about anywhere, but there was something lacking.  No more.
I now know what was missing.  Gluten free banana french toast.  Just let that soak in like the butter, pecans, whipped cream and pecans did.  Gluten free banana french toast. With apple on top.  It's okay.  You can say it out loud.  It will still be there.  Gluten free banana french toast.

Yes, they had eggs.  Yes, they had hot crispy has browns.  But honestly, who cares.  They had hot, buttery, fluffy and crispy on the outside gluten free banana french toast. 

The half order is $5.99 and the sides will get you.  The whole is $8.99.
(Great to split and add some sides)  Expect to spend about $10+ for a satisfying big breakfast or a bit more for lunch.  Save if you need to.  This place is a must visit if you live within a hundred miles. 

Doo-dah was hot, almost uncomfortably so. (They are working on the A/C)
Doo-dah was crowded, almost uncomfortably so.  (Our waitress said it was a slow morning!)
Doo-dah is not cheap-o.

However, Doo-dah is a new Wichita icon and I am sure will be featured on future food network shows.  It's just that good.  


My favorite local places; Tanya's and B&C now have company.  Doo-dah is worth your time and money. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday and do not serve dinner.  So plan accordingly and get your own.  Sharing is hard here. 

Let me add one more thing for the road...

Gluten free banana french toast.
Busy for a reason.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wichita's farmer's market has gluten free goodies thanks to "Cravings GF bakery."

Okay, so yeah, it's been a while since I've updated. 

I've been to several gluten free places and have been too selfish to sit down and write for you guys. 

An update on what I've been up to. 
-Our Church, City Life Church is now meeting at the Orpheum.  It's been awesome to see our church grow so very fast.  After two years we had become too big for the Abode venue. 
-Our band, Shine Like Stars toured through several states this Summer and I ate some awesome gluten free food while traveling. 
Doughnuts to die for.
-I went to Haiti and met some beautiful people who I love sharing the good news with.  I also ate Cajun chicken with rice and beans.  I never got sick in my week there.  Yay. 

Okay so moving on to the main course. 

Ashley and I went to the Wichita farmer's market in Old Town two weeks ago and loved what we found.  There was a woman there with a gluten free BAKERY!  SHUT UP!  It's true and it's called "Cravings, gluten free bakery."

Why yes.  That is my son Frenching a dog.
She had zucchini cake, donuts and cinnamon rolls and a bunch of other things.   Everything was very good.  We bought the cinnamon donuts and failed to let our children know about them.  They were soft and just a little bit chewy.  I sensed they had a bit of tapioca starch in them, which I love.  We found if you put them in the toaster oven for a tick, they were perfect.  Also, when my wife was in Spain she used to get something called "Chocolate con churros."  It was basically chocolate pudding, which you dipped churros in.  We made our own chocolate pudding and dipped the donuts.  HEAVEN.

 There was another bakery at the Farmer's market that had a couple gluten free things.  They were nice people but it was dry.

I have been to a few more places since then and I will have to look back. 

Also a note:  Wheat State pizza is now out of business.  Sorry.