Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick list for eating out. (Updated 2-4-2011)

I've been thinking about how often someone will quickly ask me where we can eat and I never have a good list for them.  Well, I am making one for each part of town.  Hooray!  I will probably update this list and comeback to it for myself.  Let me know if I am missing anything.  Hope it helps you.   Also if a place has a "??" its a last resort!

East Side:
Five Guys
Red Robin
Bonefish Grill
Jason's Deli
Ya Ya's
Granite City
Doc Green's
PF Changs
Noodles and Co
Red Lobster
Wichita Pizza Company
Mulligan's Irish Pub (Open after 2)
Carlos O' Kelly's
Jimmy Johns
Outback Steakhouse
Jose Peppers
Hu hot
Buffalo Wild Wings
The Olive Garden???
On the Border??

Five Guys
Tanya's Soup Kitchen
Pig in Pig Out Barbecue
Lotus Leaf Cafe

West Side:
Five Guys
When Pigs Fly Barbecue
Red Lobster
Carlo's O'Kelly's
Pei Wei
Outback Steakhouse
Gobi Grill
Buffalo Wild wings
Jason's Deli
On the Border??

Godfather's Pizza
Wheat State Pizza (Derby)
Carlos O' Kelly's

Noodles and Company: Few choices but still good.

Fall is upon us.  Saturday we found ourselves hankering for something warm and yummy to combat the dark gloom of the rain our parched land sorely needed.  We called Tanya's soup kitchen to see what they had that was gluten free.  Of course is was cold fruity soup.  Okay, maybe next week. 

So the wife and I settled on Noodles and Company over at town east mall.  I dropped the wife off at the front and then traipsed back through the puddles, wishing I hadn't worn sandals.  Once back to the restaurant, I realized I left my camera in the car.  D'oh.  Eventually I made it back. 

The menu is not what you would call exhaustive.  Actually besides salad there is only really one thing: Pad Thai.  We enjoyed our pad Thai.  The chicken was tender, although the wife thought it was over-peppered.  It was sweet and slightly spicy.  All in all it did what it was supposed to do.  It warmed us up and made us smile.  (Good company always helps)

I am always excited to have one new place to go when all my non-celiac friends say the dreaded phrase, "Where can Dale eat?"

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gluten free at Big Lots!

Yes this box is already empty in less than a day.  Quit judging me!
I used to go to Big Lots with my family as a kid.  I used to spend my $2 allowance on all sorts of things.  I once bought a "Rocky 4" punching bag and a Michael Jackson's "Thriller" shirt.  I was sooo cool.  Back then it was called Pic N Save.  Also back then I could eat gluten.  Recently a friend tipped us off to the bounty available at Big Lots and we checked it out. 

We were fired up!  We found a pound of gluten free pasta for $2.  They also had 4 shapes of pasta for the same low price. 

If you are a Bob's red mill fan, they had that stuff too.  A lot of it. 

Finally they had several different types of cheese crackers ala cheeze itz for a very good price.  We went to the one on 21st and Woodlawn so I don't know about the other locations but I would assume they are just as good. 

If you find good things there, would you please share them with us?  Nothing lasts and I would love to try out some new awesome stuff.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Peach Wave: Gluten Free Frozen yogurt

Okay friends in Wichita.  I do believe this is the place to get frozen yogurt if you need to be certain it is gluten free.

They have all the allergen information out for you to read!

How awesome is that?

Anyways, I really enjoyed it.  The cheesecake flavor is also gluten free so I was pretty excited. 

Stay away from obvious stuff like, Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream.  Also watch out for the less obvious like Taro and Peanut Butter.  Or just read the information on the counter.  This is a win for Celiac peeps.