Saturday, May 7, 2011

Green Acres Gluten free day

Green Acres cooked up some yummy blondies.  
I do have to say that "Green Acres" did a great job having their very first gluten free day today.  They had about 10 tables out there giving substantial samples of gluten free goodies.  

Yummy Gnocchi!

I enjoyed trying the Gnocchi, with red sauce.  The people were also knowledgeable and helpful.  I hope they continue to do things like this.  There is nothing like seeing many other people filling their baskets with GF food to remind you that you are not alone.  

Hot Pancakes with butter and blueberries.
      I have always appreciated the stellar job that "Food for Thought" has done on their gluten free day and no one can top when they do Thanksgiving, but Green Acres is fast becoming more and more of a gluten free specialty store and they seem out to prove it.  My only hope is that someone catches on that we cannot afford how expensive most GF food is.  Then maybe someone will come up with affordable food!  That is where I would shop.

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