Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hog wild pit BBQ

Last night my family went to hog wild BBQ.  BBQ is something I have really missed.
I know we have Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and Chili's ribs but it's not authentic.  Hog wild was really good.
They knew about the allergy and said they served lots of celiacs.   They seemed to know what they were doing.
I did have a concern about the modified food starch in the BBQ sauce but I feel fine the next day.  I had amazing  ribs and brisket.  My mouth is watering remembering.  The baked beans were also awesome.

On another note, how awesome is it to live in Wichita and have celiac?  We really do have a ton of options.

We have about 4 stores for groceries.  We have tons of places to eat.  We just need a bakery!