Saturday, November 26, 2011

Natural Grocers: My new favorite gluten free grocery store!

People often ask me what the best gluten free grocery store in Wichita is.

I often tell people "Food for thought" is the best but it's expensive
Then I tell people you should check out "Green Acres" but it's expensive.
Then I might suggest "Whole Foods" but it's expensive.

Now I will tell you to go to "Natural Grocers!"

My wife filling up her arms with flour

The first time I went to "Natural Grocers" I was in Colorado and couldn't believe the great prices.  It was wonderful!

My wife was skipping through the aisles singing a song to herself.  Yep it's pretty darn awesome.
Make sure you check out all the purple tags that mark if it is gluten free.  I would also make sure to check for other products that are unmarked.


  1. Yep, it's where Borders used to be on the east side. Rock Road.

  2. Here is quick article from New Hope Media on our gluten free programs:

    Here are our online GF resources:

    Also, remember each of our stores has a full time professional Nutritional Health Coach to provide in-depth long term nutrition help. Oh, this and all of our other resources are FREE!


  3. I CANNOT tell you HOW excited I am! Yay!! I love your blog as like others I have felt like I couldn't go anywhere in Wichita and eat a NORMAL meal again...I always check your blog for updates since I have pretty much sworn off salads and burgers due to overexposure. :) Thanks again!

  4. I bought these baguettes and they were FABULOUS! Thanks for the reference!

  5. Thanks Dale! This is helpful to me and a dear neighbor. Also I am a Wichita-raised siinger/guitarist. Best of luck to you.

  6. Where can Celiac's eat breakfast in Wichita.

  7. Celiac's can eat at a bunch of places. When I go I usually get the eggs, making sure they don't add flour. (Some places add flour especially to omelets.) I do okay with hash browns, fruit etc. I think you just need to try your best to check into things and if your server can't help you, talk to the manager.

    I've had pretty good results at Jimmy's egg and the place in Bradly Fair. Hope that helps, sorry for the late reply.