Wednesday, November 16, 2011

d'Sozo gluten free, vegan food.

It is what it is.
My wonderful "hippy" mom was in town a few weeks back and so I had a good excuse to try out our local vegetarian option.  Vegan is something I know I probably should do but never will.  I love steak.  

It took us two visits to finally try out d'Sozo but my mom felt it was worth the wait.  Make sure you find out the hours because they are not open for dinner and they have funny hours.  On our first trip we ended up having to go to the Lotus Leaf Cafe. 

However, the second time was success.  How did I feel about the meal?  Conflicted.  I ordered a pizza.  A vegan pizza is well, kinda not good but they managed to make it taste a little better.  When adding gluten free options to an already vegan meal, I can understand you have very little to work with.  The French chef at d'Sozo did a good job with what he had to work with but I would not return without my mom. 

She got a special with veggies and pasta which I envied.  When I go back I will update my review.


  1. I adore d'Sozo. It is, hands down, my favorite Wichita restaurant. The staff is so friendly, while I am not a vegan/vegetarian I love it. Even my carnivorous boyfriend loves it.
    Here’s my review of the restaurant.

    When I went to Lotus Leaf, the food took over an hour. It was delicious but difficult to bear.

    I’m sure the chef would be more than willing to expand his gluten free offerings with more interest. The salad bar is to die for as well. I understand your plight though; my mother and niece are gluten allergic.

  2. Thanks for sharing Vera,
    I do think I will have to try something else on the menu. My mom definitely liked hers.

  3. Sorry...I have to say that looks disgusting...

  4. Thank you for this post! My best friend is celiac and vegetarian. She just moved to Wichita for college and has been a bit frustrated with here eating-out options. Up till now, we've had Noodles and Company and Chipotle as her only options.

    Keep up this awesome blog!