Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hog Wild has gluten??

Hey guys,
Someone sent me a message that Hog Wild BBQ has gluten in their dry rub.  Does anyone know anything about this?


  1. You like good burgers? You ought to try Blancs Burgers and Bottles here in Overland Park (Leawood).

    Want a great cupcake? Come to GiGi's cupcakes (check out their website as they are a national chain) - the Chocolate Love and Spice Cake cupcakes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They have GF on Wednesday, Saturdays, and by special order. Spin Pizza is also pretty darn good for pizza around here. And Ingredient. Staying overnight and want breakfast? Try First Watch - yum!

    Be sure to check out Unforked as well. Sheridan's is testing this new restaurant concept here in Overland Park and it's pretty darn good. Check out the menu online. Lots of GF options! The burgers are not the best in the world, but it's GF, it's a burger, and their fries are SO SO good! I hear their tacos are amazing as well.

    Just wanted to throw a few ideas out there for all you folks that venture up this way occasionally!

  2. Thanks Kristen, Does the Burger place have GF buns?

    My favorite places in KC are Waldo pizza and fortune wok.

  3. I feel certain it is. I had trouble with Hog Wild when I ate there and I ordered pulled pork and ate it plain - just meat, no sauce and of course no bun. I went back in after reading your blog (this was probably a good 2 months later than I had sworn off them) to give them a second chance and told them you had mentioned them as a place to eat in your blog. I told them I had bad luck with the pulled pork the last time and that was all I ate. Of the 4 employees in there not one had a single idea why so they called someone somewhere and were told it was the rub put on the meat.

    I have crossed them off my list of places to eat. :) Hope that helps.

    And I didn't have a good experience with Freddy's frozen custard. Had vanilla in a cup and it didn't do well for me. Maybe someone had just handled the buns for the burgers before fixing mine or something but I won't give them another try.

    I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all your info. I hope I get to meet you some day. You sound like someone fun to sit down and eat a meal with.

    By the way, here are some places to try if you haven't (and I'll be embarrassed if I get to looking through your blog and again find that I learned about them thru you).

    Pablano's and Chipolte are two places I can always eat comfortably. Ask for Corn shells and/or tortillas. On the Border has a few good, safe, choices but be specific about what you need and avoid the chips. Carlos O'Kelly's is full of options and has great chips, salsa and Queso! Outback steakhouse Rocks! Logan's Roadhouse can be tailored to fit my needs - but I have to be specific and I usually talk to the manager on duty or make sure I have a waiter or waitress who understands what I need. And I have good luck with Granite City tailoring their food to my needs.

    Maybe that will give you some more places. Oh yeah, and the Benton Airport (halfway between Wichtia and El Dorado) - a bit of a drive - but a neat atmosphere and you can get a lettuce wrap or chicken sandwich without the bread or have them tailor what you need - just be specific and make sure you either talk to the cook yourself or have a waitress that is knowledgable. :)

    Keep posting your outings! It gives me new places to eat.

    Janet S

  4. Janet,
    Yes, most of those places are buried within my blog. :)

    On the Freddy's thing, most people who are intolerant of gluten don't process dairy as well too. Just thought that could be it.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I love doing this blog. I keep thinking of the person in Wichita who is diagnosed and suddenly thinks they have no place to eat. Then they discover my blog and realize they can eat WELL!

  5. Yeah, Blancs has gf buns. I need to email and double check the sweet potato fries are gf...been craving some! I just discovered old Shawnee pizza. Pretty expensive, but omgeee...ive never had such good gf pizza. I had to keep comparing to hubby's pizza to make sure they were poisoning me. I've been to spin, Waldo, and somewhere else ...can't remember...old Shawnee is THE BEST hands down.

  6. At Hog Wild, they told me that their rub has gluten in it, but they don't use the rub on the turkey. I go there every week to get one of their loaded potatoes, occasionally topping it with turkey. I always add some of their mild BBQ sauce on top. Delicious!

  7. Anyone have any recent comments about Hog Wild?