Monday, July 11, 2011

My Blog was mentioned in the Eagle

Special thanks to Denise Neil for mentioning my blog on her blog.  I also had friends call and say my blog was in the paper version of the eagle!  Kinda cool eh? 

It's fun that my blog is so young and I have managed to be on the news and in the paper within the first couple years. 

Here's the link:


  1. Have you found Wild Thyme Bakery and Cafe in Maize yet? Thanks to you, we're off to try the Wichita Pizza Company - hadn't realized we had a GF pizza option locally. Waldo's spoiled me!
    Wild Thyme - I had an awesome GF quiche there - it was heaven! And the desserts are great!

  2. Still haven't made it to Wild thyme, We are quite slow trying new places due to finances and time. I really hope we get a chance sometime soon.

    Waldo is the BEST!

  3. Make it your next stop! It wasn't badly priced at all. IIRC, $7-$10 for most meals. They'll do sandwiches on GF bread, but I love that I can get things like a Quiche or a noodle-entre that's GF. And desserts! GF carrot cake, apple rum cake, cupcakes, cookies, ganache brownies, cinnamon rolls. They take requests too. My mom had them do a GF cookie cake for my birthday.

    D'sozo's has GF stuff but be warned, it's totally vegan. I wasn't prepared for GF pizza with "cheese" sauce.

  4. Sounds yummy.

    As for D'sozo's, I am not really sure I can take "cheese" but maybe when my vegetarian mom comes to town we can check it out.

    Someone also told me about some lotus cafe in delano that has gluten free crepes.