Tuesday, November 24, 2009

French's style: gluten free fried onions

This was my first try and since Thanksgiving was coming up, I figured I might as well try it.  Sorry my pictures don't look great but I only think to take pictures last minute and I use my phone.  I am not a chef and I don't really measure.  I'm too lazy for that.  So if you still wanna try this after my warnings, give it a go!

What you need:
1 can O' Gluten free corn flake crumbs
2 eggs

1 sweet onion
canola oil
garlic powder
salt & peppa (not the music group)
Corn starch (optional)

Step one:
Cut the onions very thin and add them to a bowl with two raw eggs and stir them all around till the onions are covered in gunk.

Step two:  add a little garlic powder and as much of the flake crumbs as you like.   If you want, add a little corn starch to make it prettier and some salt and pepper.  Then heat a pan of oil on the stove and get it hot.

Step three: add the onions and let them sizzle.  Turn them over after about 2 minutes.  Make sure to break up anything that is stuck together. 

Step four:  Remove onions and let them dry out on a paper towel.  Add salt generously. 

Step five:  Try not to eat them all before you get to use them for cooking.  I am going to try and use these for green bean casserole on Thursday.  Hopefully all goes well!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I was excited to go there with my friends since they have a gluten free menu.  However the one on Rock and Central actually had a different menu.  For some reason the ribs were not on it.  I was dissapointed and ended up having potato soup.  Boo...
I feel like Chili's is only taking more and more OFF their menu rather than adding.  For Shame.  Oh well.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gluten Free Pizza at Godfather's

I have been calling Godfather's pizza for about a year, pleading with them to introduce gluten free pizza in Wichita.I have sent annoying emails and now they finally offer it and my first response is...meh.

First I will start with the Pros:
They have a nice sticker that says precautions for those who are needing gluten free.  They also have signs which speak to the danger of cross contamination.
The pizza is around the same price as the regular.

Not great.  Very thin and not filling.  I ate the whole pizza and was still hungry, which is not great for 9.95.  I am also not a big fan of the over-spicing they do.  Whatever happened to subtlety?

I really want to encourage companies to make gluten free so I hope you will go and try it for yourself.  If you like it, please post that on here.  We really need to show companies that we are loyal, even if it is mediocre we should give them a try.  I also will say that they told me it would take 30 minutes to make it and I showed up around 25 and it seemed to have been ready for a while.  Maybe it is better hotter. 

For now, I will stick to my frozen crusts.  Also Godfather's is far from our house so hopefully another company like domino's or papa johns will give gluten free a try. 

What was your favorite pizza place in Wichita before your diagnosis?  Lets figure it out and call them till they make it gluten free!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ted's Montana grill: Fun on no Bun

I have to admit, after reading some poor reviews of Ted's online, I was a bit skeptical about eating there.  Would they mock my celiac?  Would the hostess stuff gluten down my throat?  Would the bathroom have toilet paper?    But that was just a nightmare right?  Ashley, my wife, bought some half off gift certificates on resturaunt.com and we were committed.  It turns out they have a pretty great menu and a knowledgable staff that was eager to help me.
The food turned out to be pretty awesome too.  Since we were able to spend more, we had a rare moment of frivolity and I bought a sweet steak which was mouth wateringly good.  They also have a dedicated fryer for the fries so I was able to have fries!!! They were awesome.  I would liken them to something like the fries at Islands or Five guys.  If you have never had those fries you are missing out. 

I also had some asparigus with the meal and they were nice and buttery with a good crisp to finish them off.  This place is definitly worth trying.  If you are in Wichita you need to put it high on your list. 

Overall, I would give Ted's a 8/10.  The only thing they are missing are some bread or baked goods to show the celiac nation that we are important but the menu is a great step. 

I am including one more picture and that is my plate.  I figure this picture can tell you how I really felt about Ted's.
By the way, I ate a ton of Ashley's fries too!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Godfather's in Wichita has gluten free pizza.

I just checked the website and it says it's available. I am suuuuuper excited about this development. Has anyone tried it yet? Is it any good? Do you know the price?
I plan on going soon, now.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pablono mexican grill

Someone once told my wife that this place catered to celiacs. I have gone several times without a reaction but I don't really have any information as to whether it is okay or not.
It is very similar to Chipotle but less spicey and it stacks up well. Also they have my favorite rice drink, horchata.

It is certainly worth the trip. I always like supporting a locally owned place first, so give them a try if you have the time.