Tuesday, November 24, 2009

French's style: gluten free fried onions

This was my first try and since Thanksgiving was coming up, I figured I might as well try it.  Sorry my pictures don't look great but I only think to take pictures last minute and I use my phone.  I am not a chef and I don't really measure.  I'm too lazy for that.  So if you still wanna try this after my warnings, give it a go!

What you need:
1 can O' Gluten free corn flake crumbs
2 eggs

1 sweet onion
canola oil
garlic powder
salt & peppa (not the music group)
Corn starch (optional)

Step one:
Cut the onions very thin and add them to a bowl with two raw eggs and stir them all around till the onions are covered in gunk.

Step two:  add a little garlic powder and as much of the flake crumbs as you like.   If you want, add a little corn starch to make it prettier and some salt and pepper.  Then heat a pan of oil on the stove and get it hot.

Step three: add the onions and let them sizzle.  Turn them over after about 2 minutes.  Make sure to break up anything that is stuck together. 

Step four:  Remove onions and let them dry out on a paper towel.  Add salt generously. 

Step five:  Try not to eat them all before you get to use them for cooking.  I am going to try and use these for green bean casserole on Thursday.  Hopefully all goes well!

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  1. This is our first GF holiday so it is all new for us too, we normally have a veggie meal, but no more :-(. I too fried onions today for green bean casserole and made croutons for stuffing, good luck tomorrow, the Mochries.