Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gluten Free Pizza at Godfather's

I have been calling Godfather's pizza for about a year, pleading with them to introduce gluten free pizza in Wichita.I have sent annoying emails and now they finally offer it and my first response is...meh.

First I will start with the Pros:
They have a nice sticker that says precautions for those who are needing gluten free.  They also have signs which speak to the danger of cross contamination.
The pizza is around the same price as the regular.

Not great.  Very thin and not filling.  I ate the whole pizza and was still hungry, which is not great for 9.95.  I am also not a big fan of the over-spicing they do.  Whatever happened to subtlety?

I really want to encourage companies to make gluten free so I hope you will go and try it for yourself.  If you like it, please post that on here.  We really need to show companies that we are loyal, even if it is mediocre we should give them a try.  I also will say that they told me it would take 30 minutes to make it and I showed up around 25 and it seemed to have been ready for a while.  Maybe it is better hotter. 

For now, I will stick to my frozen crusts.  Also Godfather's is far from our house so hopefully another company like domino's or papa johns will give gluten free a try. 

What was your favorite pizza place in Wichita before your diagnosis?  Lets figure it out and call them till they make it gluten free!


  1. They told me when I called (in Overland park) that the pizzas are all made at a factory and shipped frozen to the store where they are reheated and then delivered. It's ok when I really want delivery pizza, but I'd probably rather make my own. Thanks for bugging them enough to get it here, I'm so excited to have delivery pizza finally!

    Oh, and Pizza hut was my favorite. The GF group here said (I think it was PH) that you used to be able to take in your own gf crusts to have them make your pizza, but they stopped doing that because they couldn't guarantee no cross-contamination -- so at least they're aware of the issue and maybe some day they'll offer it too :D

  2. I am so surprised that there is even a place that will serve gluten-free pizza in Wichita. I'm 19. I just started eating gluten-free after having stomach problems for over two years, and I'm finding it very difficult to not just reach for that slice of pizza when my family orders in...I LOVE pizza.

    Today for the first time I actually got the guts to ask someone at a coffee shop if they had any gluten free snacks. She had no idea, and I felt embarrassed, but I think it's a step in the right direction. Thanks for getting out there and demanding gluten-free gives me a little extra courage to do so myself!!

  3. I feel like it is already better than a year ago and only getting better. Hang in there.