Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ted's Montana grill: Fun on no Bun

I have to admit, after reading some poor reviews of Ted's online, I was a bit skeptical about eating there.  Would they mock my celiac?  Would the hostess stuff gluten down my throat?  Would the bathroom have toilet paper?    But that was just a nightmare right?  Ashley, my wife, bought some half off gift certificates on and we were committed.  It turns out they have a pretty great menu and a knowledgable staff that was eager to help me.
The food turned out to be pretty awesome too.  Since we were able to spend more, we had a rare moment of frivolity and I bought a sweet steak which was mouth wateringly good.  They also have a dedicated fryer for the fries so I was able to have fries!!! They were awesome.  I would liken them to something like the fries at Islands or Five guys.  If you have never had those fries you are missing out. 

I also had some asparigus with the meal and they were nice and buttery with a good crisp to finish them off.  This place is definitly worth trying.  If you are in Wichita you need to put it high on your list. 

Overall, I would give Ted's a 8/10.  The only thing they are missing are some bread or baked goods to show the celiac nation that we are important but the menu is a great step. 

I am including one more picture and that is my plate.  I figure this picture can tell you how I really felt about Ted's.
By the way, I ate a ton of Ashley's fries too!

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