Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pei Wei (A cheaper, noisier PF Changs)

Pei Wei has few options for those who go gluten free but the one option that works quite well is the "Pei Wei Spicy." Basically we get it gluten free without the spicey-ness. You may get a funny stare while ordering but it is worth it. That is not the official term. I think we may call it "Mild." It tastes closer to Orange Chicken and is very good.
Even though it is on the other side of town, I love it and go often. If you like to save money like we do, it's pretty nice to split it and order an extra order of rice!

I know what you are thinking..."cheapos." And you are right.
After eating a lot of it I finally remembered to take a picture. You are so welcome! (don't forget to bring your own soy sauce.)

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