Friday, May 15, 2009

Outback Steakhouse "No rules" unless you have celiac

Outback has a great menu and treats us silly-yaks quite well. They have a proven track record for food allergies and intolerences and I always know I will have a great experience there.

My wife and I had a special dinner last night and decided to go. Ashley got the smaller steak and it was very good and rather inexpensive. I, however, got a rack of baby back ribs. The meat is much better than the ribs at Chili's and I would definitely recommend them. I do prefer the Barb-B-Que sauce from Chili's but that is minor. I also had Garlic mashed potatoes and they are creamy and garlicky.

My hands still smell like Barb-b-Que sauce and I find myself smelling them hourly as if I were Homer Simpson. mmmmmmm....Ribs.

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