Friday, May 1, 2009

Getting bored eating at all the same places in Wichita

I had PF Changs tonight, mmmm Philip's better lemon Chicken. It was good. However, I am also interested in finding some more local places too. I called a bunch of places tonight and got some promising leads...

I have been told "Ah So" is really good so I called them. After I talked to a couple of mystified people who struggled understanding I finally got someone who said I could speak with the chef and bring in my own soy sauce. OOOOOH! That would be cool.

I also spoke with the people at "Abuelo's" in Wichita and they said the manager there has celiac so he has made his own menu! We would like to try it but it's a bit expensive. Maybe one day.

Also I called Godfathers Pizza and they said they should have gluten free pizza soon. They said to call back in JUNE! I am calling June 1...


  1. Dale,
    I have a severe wheat and gleuten allergy. I am so excited to find your blog. This is awesome!


  2. We have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks, both my 2 year old daughter and myself are celiac's. We were letting you know that we had found out about Abuelo's from the manager at P F Changs, we went on friday, they give you a sheet of paper with the menu items that can be altered, i had shrimp fajita's which were wonderful, in fact my meal was alot nicer than my wife's. We went back to Bonefish tonight, we are very impressed with them. Have you tried Chipolte?

  3. I do enjoy chipotle... I always make them change the gloves. It bugs them!
    We went to Abeulos the other night and decided the menu didn't look exciting enough to pay the prices so we passed, but it is nice to see that you liked it. That makes me want to try it more, now.

  4. the lemon chicken is my favorite!!