Sunday, September 8, 2013

Doo-dah diner. Best gluten free breakfast in Wichita...probably Kansas


I've probably said it before but if you wanted to take a food-cation and you were needing gluten free fare, Wichita might be a top ten city to visit.  In the past I held back on this theory because Wichita was lacking awesome gluten free breakfast.  You could have eggs, hash browns etc just about anywhere, but there was something lacking.  No more.
I now know what was missing.  Gluten free banana french toast.  Just let that soak in like the butter, pecans, whipped cream and pecans did.  Gluten free banana french toast. With apple on top.  It's okay.  You can say it out loud.  It will still be there.  Gluten free banana french toast.

Yes, they had eggs.  Yes, they had hot crispy has browns.  But honestly, who cares.  They had hot, buttery, fluffy and crispy on the outside gluten free banana french toast. 

The half order is $5.99 and the sides will get you.  The whole is $8.99.
(Great to split and add some sides)  Expect to spend about $10+ for a satisfying big breakfast or a bit more for lunch.  Save if you need to.  This place is a must visit if you live within a hundred miles. 

Doo-dah was hot, almost uncomfortably so. (They are working on the A/C)
Doo-dah was crowded, almost uncomfortably so.  (Our waitress said it was a slow morning!)
Doo-dah is not cheap-o.

However, Doo-dah is a new Wichita icon and I am sure will be featured on future food network shows.  It's just that good.  


My favorite local places; Tanya's and B&C now have company.  Doo-dah is worth your time and money. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday and do not serve dinner.  So plan accordingly and get your own.  Sharing is hard here. 

Let me add one more thing for the road...

Gluten free banana french toast.
Busy for a reason.


  1. I will have to check this out... the banana french toast sounds YUMMY!!! Thank you. Any thoughts on the Good Egg?

  2. Hey! I am also from southern CA and thinking about moving to Wichita!! Would you please email me and tell me how you like Kansas living? Thank you!

  3. They use a common fryer for everything at Doo Dah. I asked last time I was there. BUT they have gluten free bread for their sandwiches.