Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gluten free in Lindsborg, KS

A gluten free steakburger.

There is wheat on the street!

 The wife and I just got back from a great quick trip to Lindsborg, KS.  Also known as little Sweden.  We had a limited amount of time without the kids so we decided rather than go to Kansas City, we would try something closer.   We had fun in the salt mines of Hutchinson and had dinner in Yoder.  We stayed in Mcpherson and spent a lot of time in Lindsborg.   We didn’t know these cities before, but ended up having a lot of fun in them.  There was wheat everywhere, even up on the lampposts but we managed to find a few gems. 

Our favorite one was The Brick House Grill.  We asked around for gluten free food and this was the only place that might have offerings.  The building was a little larger than an outhouse and it was packed with about 40 people.  They offered gluten free buns to go with their juicy burgers and thick bacon.  We went for lunch…and dinner. 

I devoured a burger with Swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, bacon and grilled onions.  My wife also had a bacon cheeseburger.  We both enjoyed tater-tots. (no dedicated fryer) and felt no ill effects afterward.   The owner knew a lot about gluten free fare and was excited to have us there. 

That night my wife had a huge steak burger and I had a pizza.  Once again the place was packed. We ended up hanging out with several other diners.  One couple told us the dangers of the big cities like Wichita.  They told us there was a shooting every day.   I agreed but I also said I’ve never seen one.  Hilarious.  My pizza was just a regular cheese pizza and I was impressed.  For a town of 3,000 they offered up such overachieving food.  (Note the pizzas are only available in the evenings.)
Coronado Heights

All in all, the Brick House Grill was a terrific find.  Thick Bacon, tasty burgers and a kind, knowledgeable staff make for a happy eater.    

If you go to Lindsborg make sure you check out the downtown.  There is a great store called “Small world” with photos from a National Geographic photographer.  There are art museums everywhere as well as other fun diversions.  Make sure to check out Coronado Heights, castle.  Worth the trip.

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  1. It was great meeting you on Friday! I hope you and The Wife can make it back up to McPherson/Lindsborg again soon!