Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wichita Brewing company, gluten free pizza and beer on the westside.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated but there really hasn’t been much to update.  We have been in a rut as of late.  A friend recently told us he found gluten free pizza on the West side and so we bit.  On the drive we saw a sign at a Mexican cantina for “glutin free Pizza” (SIC) but we decided to continue on to our destination. 

The atmosphere was fun with TV’s in every direction and the menu was plentiful with curious ideas for pizzas, which all seemed fun to me.  My biggest hang up was the lack of knowledge from the waitress. 

We asked what was gluten free on the pizzas and they said pretty much everything.  We told them we were concerned about the alfredo and the BBQ sauce.  They returned saying those had gluten.  The waitress then said all the meats were gluten free.  I said I doubted the meatballs were.  She checked and they were not okay.  So at that point we had a decision to make.  Should we leave and cut our losses or should we risk it so I had something to blog about.  We risked it. 

I got a Philly Cheesesteak pizza and substituted marinara for the alfredo sauce.  It was tasty.  The thinly sliced steak was a sensation I had yet to taste on a pizza.  The onions were a bit undercooked for my liking but they were sweet and scrumptious. 

They had a few gluten free ciders.  I enjoyed an Ace’s Pear Cider that was wonderful.  Very fruity.  Smelled like skittles!

All in all, we enjoyed our visit but if you are going we recommend you come prepared.  If you are new to gluten intolerance, this is not a place I would try first.  Learn your stuff and then come ready to ask lots of questions and make sure you are confident you are getting what you ordered. 

Because it wasn’t super cheap per person (about $12 per pie) I am not sure I would risk going back.  I still prefer,  Mulligans, Wheat State and Wichita Pizza Company.   If I found a groupon, we might consider going back.   Either way it’s still fun to experience new gluten free food. 


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  2. My wife is a celiac and we are just visiting Wichita. We should have followed your reviews and picked one of the pizza places you listed but we were in a hurry that night.
    I'm pretty sure we ate at that place that you passed by (presuming that it is on West Central Ave) because it has the same sign. It is a mexican place that also serves pizza. We asked about gluten free dishes and my wife went with a mexican dish but still her stomach hurt afterwards.

  3. Hello! I am curious about one thing, of course if I'm not asking too much could you please share with us where you grew up?

  4. Wheat State made me sick both times I went. Of course the guy that took my order was covered head to toe in flour. I asked that he not prepare my food but if that much is being tossed around back there, it is probably hard to keep it from being cross contaminated.

  5. The Mexican place that you mentioned is actually pretty good. The owner is celiac, so he makes the pizzas really for himself and they are not even on the menu. My son cannot have milk either and he even makes it with what the waitress calls, "yucky cheese" (I do happen to agree with that assessment because it doesn't melt and is soy based), but gives us a good option when needing to dine out. Pizzas are roughly $10 and they will put any amount of toppings you want on them. The crusts are a preset size, but are large enough for one person, two if you have a smaller appetite (I have 3 growing boys, so that answer is no). I always forget the name of the the place, but I think it is Marco's Cantina? It is on Central and Ridge and specifically 6600 W Central