Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bj's pizza in Wichita is finally open!

There are some places I mourn, no lament are not in Wichita.
 1. In and Out  
 2. Costco
 3. Rubio’s Fish tacos
4. The Spaghetti Factory
5. Trader Joe’s
     and until recently, BJ’s Pizza. 

Bj’s has now come to Wichita and I am happy to share it’s just as yummy in the mid-west as it has been elsewhere.

Yes, my wife and I went on opening day and braved the first day waitress who had never actually eaten at BJ’s before.  They told us all the toppings were okay except for one.  You actually cannot eat the Alfredo Sauce as well but they get a first day pass. 

The pizza was thin crust as usual.  It was sweeter than most, which I like.  I just got plain old cheese whilst the wife indulged in the Buffalo Chicken pizza with ranch on the side.  She loved it.  I thought mine was average or a little above average. 

I really wasn’t there for the pizza…

Pazookie.  A big cookie, baked like a pizza with ice cream on top.  Yeah they have that too.  I am usually too cheap to get the dessert but not at BJ’s.  Please the gluten free pazookie.  If you don’t like it, well, you are lying.

There are several other things on the menu worth considering.  They have great baked potatoes and yummy broccoli cheese soup which I have enjoyed on other occasions.

Please let me know what you think.  Also if you are friends with the higher ups at Costco, Rubio’s, In and Out or Trader Joe’s tell them to call me.  I have a lead for them!


  1. Went there with my parents Friday night! I loved the slightly sweet (yet savory) GF crust and of course we split the amazing Pazooki! I also had a GF berry cider beer which was really refreshing. I'll definitely be keeping this in mind for a carry-out pizza option - six thumbs up from us!

  2. Im so with you on The Spaghetti Factory! We don't even have one here in KC, so when we travel, that's where we go! Browned Butter pasta?! OMGEE.

  3. Where is BJ's Pizza? I don't live in Wichita but do come up there about once or twice a month and would love to have pizza that I didn't have to make myself. And I've got to try this Pazookie!

    1. 7960 East Kellogg
      Wichita, KS 67207

      or Kellogg an Rock Rd.

  4. I'm originally from So. Calif. and I'm super excited about BJ's!! I'm so happy they are here, I hope it does well out here. Their Pizookie is definitely something everyone should try. I completely agree with all the other establishments/stores you "mourn"! I would like to add that I desperately long for a Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, El Pollo Loco, Weinerschnitzel and Carl' s Jr. One can hope right?

  5. Cheesecake Factory in the waterfront is wayyyy overdue.

  6. I've been to BJ's Pizza in Florida, in the Tampa area. There pizza is so good! I didn't know they had gluten free pazookie, though. I live in the Kansas City area.

  7. I am originally from CA as well. Have lived here most of my life though. Newly gluten-free and excited to try BJs. I have a friend that works there part-time. She says that I MUST get a pazookie!

  8. Update: we went to Bjs and got the pizza and pazookie! This was a hit. We will definitely try this again.

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  10. I do not have celiac or any other diet restrictions and well, I've eaten at BJ's three times since it has opened. I have to disagree with some of you on how good the one here in Wichita is. When my family has traveled I've been to different BJ's Brewhouses and enjoyed them, but the one in Wichita has given me food poisoning twice. Being a bit of a foodie and geek I'm more than willing to give restaurants and food trucks and different establishments multiple tries, but BJ's in Wichita has cause me illness twice now and well, I'm done. After studying food science in college I understand how food born illnesses work and even my doctor and BJ's corporate headquarters agree that the Wichita location gave me food poisoning twice. And just to be clear, I refused any and all comps and coupons they tried to give me and this is the only time I'm actually speaking about this. Cross-contamination can harm people with and without celiac.

    I went once shortly after they opened and then a couple more times after they had been open for awhile (to avoid the hustle and bustle and give them a few more shots as my family always enjoys them while we travel) and they do not hold a flying chance compared to the other stores in their corporation.

  11. Do you have to ask for gf pookie or are they already that way??

  12. Never knew this was here! I'm excited to try it. I can't wait to have a cookie (A COOKIE!) at a restaurant again :)

  13. Our family tried BJ's in Wichita last weekend. I was so disappointed in the service. The waiter didn't know if there was a gluten free pizza, even after I showed it to him on the menu. He also didn't know which Pazooki was gluten free. They need to educate staff. Plus, although the gf pizza is OK, it was so expensive. If you get the meal to split, they only include one gf pizza, 2 salads and the dessert for $24. My son and I split the pizza and had the salad and dessert. We were both still hungry afterwards. Both of our pizzas were burnt. And it was extra if you wanted something other than cheese pizza. I don't think it was any better than the frozen pizzas at the stores. I might try the broccoli cheese soup sometimes, but I won't be back for the pizza.