Friday, June 3, 2011

A toasted gluten free sandwich at Jason's deli

The wife and I recently got a gift card to Jason's deli and decided it was time for another visit.
The gentleman helping us suggested us trying the bread toasted.  Instead I had to whole sandwich toasted.  It was incredible.  It didn't fall apart this time.  That is the way to go in the future.

Oh yes, it tastes better than it looks!


  1. I'm very impressed with your blog! My niece is allergic to Gluten and my mom has developed allergies as well. I'm always on the lookout for restaurants and recipes.

    Keep rockin' it out!

  2. Thank you for checking out the blog. I hope you pass on the info to them. I know that when I moved here I didn't really know where I could go. Now there are soooo many places to go. I eat quite well. Actually if I am not careful I will become a fatty! :)

  3. I've been a Celiac for about 8yrs now. So grateful to see Wichita, slowly but surely, recognize what "Celiac Disease" is and what "Gluten intolerant" means! We've got a long ways to go, BUT, it's way better than it used to be (as you can see!). Loving your blog (my friend actually stumbled upon it, so I had to check it out). This is one I didn't know about--gonna have to try it for sure!! Thank you :)

  4. Excited you found my blog, Sarah. I have only been gluten free for about 3 years. My sister has been as long as I can remember. She always tells me how bad it used to be.

    It is a good time to be a celiac, maybe we can make it even better. :)