Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yia Yia's Italian Bistro, Mama mia, it's made to order

I don't think I am very classy. I am the guy that picks out anything but iceberg lettuce from my salad. I wear flip flops to a fancy restaurant. So goes my disclaimer for when I go to a fancy restaurant. (It was our five year anniversary and first time out of the house together without baby) I had a gluten free Pizza at Yia Yia's and didn't dig it too much. It had all these fancy spices and no red sauce. Very fancy. Not my style. I still would prefer a regular cheese pizza. It was also a bit dry and crumbly anyway.
However, they had some other things on the menu. We brought our own pasta just in case, which was awesome since they ran out of gluten free pasta. Ashley had some buttery sauce with Chicken that I liked a lot. I am sure next time I go I will enjoy my pasta but I am not getting the pizza. yechh. I'm still not classy.

Ashley with her yummy pasta!

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