Saturday, August 9, 2014

Little Saigon makes me wish I had two stomachs

That was legit. 

I am still digesting that glorious meal and I just had to post about it.

How have I never had this place?  Several of you have probably mentioned this place to me and I must have had headphones in because SERIOUSLY it is incredible. 

The pork and shrimp spring rolls were sweet, crunchy and almost fooled us into believing we were eating healthy.  We absolutely loved the sweet fish sauce and bathed them in it. 

That same fish sauce went quite well with our meals. 

I had something boring called like, "chicken with noodles" or something like that.  Although it was not boring.  It was glorious.  They had gluten free soy sauce as well.  My wife had Pad Thai, which was also great.  The meat was tender, the vegetables offered the perfect compliment and there is one thing I still need to mention. 

The food is basically served in bath tubs.  How in the world they can afford to feed me for my next six meals is beyond me, but $8.50 seems downright cheap when you see the portions.  Please, please frequent this place.  The staff has varying levels of knowledge about gluten but they are all willing to ask. 

Go there now. 


  1. Wow. I have heard a lot about this place but not in the GF sense. Good to know. Looks like you can 'eat like a human' here. What a splendid discovery. Thank you Dale