Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wheat State Pizza in Derby

Well I must admit I have been eating a lot of pizza lately.

But how can I say no to a Groupon?   

How? How? 

A few weeks ago we were able to procure a babysitter and we sauntered down to Derby to try out some new pizza.  For some reason, the title “Wheat State” kinda scares a celiac away.  As if they will magically hide wheat in your pizza.  Nonetheless, the pizza was very good.  It is probably the thickest pizza I’ve experienced in Wichita and we our the varied flavors made our taste buds crazy.

I was able to meet the owner and his daughter before I ate.  They are very nice, caring people who really desire to make our pizzas safe.  Ironically, he had been cooking and shook my hand with his hand full of flour.  When he learned who I was, he apologized profusely. Hilarious.  Anyways, they are working hard to make sure gluten free is stomach ache free.  I was able to help them as well with a few pointers.  The alfredo pizza is a no-go.  Bummer.  I wanted that one.

On to the pizza:  The wife and I had a groupon that was burning a hole in our pocket so we got a few pizzas with different toppings.  Our favorite was the “Shocker” which had ranch, chicken, bacon and the surprisingly tasty sunflower seeds on it.  This pizza was my favorite.  For the others we had the pesto, which Ashley really liked.  We also had the Barbeque chicken pizza, while enjoyable, was too spicy for me.  In their defense, I am a wuss.  Finally we had the taco pizza which I enjoyed about 2 slices of and quickly tired of.  I might've had too much Mexican lately.

There were a few more pizzas I would love to try there but I am not sure we can agree on anything but the pizza made with ranch! YUM!  Wheat State Pizza is one of the top places for gluten free pizza in the Wichita area and I encourage you to visit post haste to show them how loyal we celiac's can be.  I love the thicker crust which vaults Wheat state into the same category as Mulligan’s and Wichita Pizza company.  There is a growing rivalry heating up and I hope one or two will begin to offer garlic bread or something else that tips scales.  Until then I am going to enjoy this golden age for gluten free pizza in Wichita.  May it never cease!

As always, I remind you to do your due diligence as there is always a chance you can get glutened at a new place.  They are very careful but help educate them and we can never go wrong.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Updated quick list for eating out.

East Side:
Five Guys
Red Robin
Bonefish Grill
Jason's Deli
Ya Ya's
Granite City
Doc Green's
PF Changs
Noodles and Co
Red Lobster
Wichita Pizza Company
Mulligan's Irish Pub (Open after 2)
Carlos O' Kelly's
Jimmy Johns
Outback Steakhouse
Jose Peppers
Hu hot
Buffalo Wild Wings
The Olive Garden???
On the Border??

Five Guys
Tanya's Soup Kitchen
Pig in Pig Out Barbecue
Lotus Leaf Cafe

West Side:
Five Guys
When Pigs Fly Barbecue
Red Lobster
Carlo's O'Kelly's
Pei Wei
Outback Steakhouse
Gobi Grill
Buffalo Wild wings
Jason's Deli
On the Border??

Godfather's Pizza
Wheat State Pizza (Derby)
Carlos O' Kelly's

Friday, February 10, 2012

Granite City food and Brewery, gluten free pizza. (East location only)

Craziness continues in our family as our 2 month old had three surgeries for hernias in 24 hours last week.  More recently he was in the hospital for a few days for failure to thrive.  All prayers are appreciated.  Writing a blog is a nice enjoyable thing to do while kids nap.  Needless to say I have been running around a bit with my daughter and ordering out once more. 

This time I was able to try out “Granite City food and Brewery.”

They only offer small, thin crust pizzas but if you catch them at the right time, it is quite a deal.   Normally you add $1 to any pizza and they run around $10 each.  However I am posting below the times where they offer gluten free pizzas for $7 each.  Yay. 

Monday –Friday: 4-6pm and 9-close
Saturday- 12-5 and 9-Close
Sunday- noon- 5

As far as the pizza itself, It was a thin crust that was a bit crumbly on the crust.  When I received one of the pizzas several of the crust ends had already fallen off.  The sauce was well seasoned and had reeked (in a good way) of garlic and onion.  The cheese was a fair amount but the pizza was not as hot as I would have hoped.  It's topped off with some yummy spices.  To the untrained tongue I assume it's basil plus something else.

All in all it was a good pizza.  I think there are better gluten free pizzas in Wichita…and worse.  However, when you can get one for $7 at certain times it is one of the best values in Wichita. 

Someone just told me Mulligan’s has a half price Friday so look into that.  Granite City in Wichita is interesting because they discontinued the GF pizza at the national chain but Wichita store lobbied to keep it and won!  Wichita Celiacs may be some of the most loyal customers anywhere.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Groupon for gluten free pizza - Wheat state pizza in Derby

Hey guys, I have a link for a groupon for gluten free pizza that I just found.  I am stoked!  Click on the link to get $20 worth for $10

Friday, February 3, 2012

Website name

Hey all,
I know my web address is confusing.  Recently I received a check from google from the ads on the sight. (Which I thank you for clicking on) and I invested it into a few years of 

Hopefully now it's easier to tell someone about the website. 


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Carlos O Kelly's continues to impress me. (New Menu)

Yep that's red sauce.  There was also a spicy one I didn't try. FTW!
Carlos O Kelly's has recently added a new gluten free menu that is better and more extensive than the last.  Now they have regular Enchilada's and not just the queso ones.   The red or "El Pato" sauce is a bit spicy but cooled down by the sour cream.

There was more on the menu and I will make sure to highlight those things the next time I go. 

Thanks Carlo's O' Kelly's!