Friday, February 10, 2012

Granite City food and Brewery, gluten free pizza. (East location only)

Craziness continues in our family as our 2 month old had three surgeries for hernias in 24 hours last week.  More recently he was in the hospital for a few days for failure to thrive.  All prayers are appreciated.  Writing a blog is a nice enjoyable thing to do while kids nap.  Needless to say I have been running around a bit with my daughter and ordering out once more. 

This time I was able to try out “Granite City food and Brewery.”

They only offer small, thin crust pizzas but if you catch them at the right time, it is quite a deal.   Normally you add $1 to any pizza and they run around $10 each.  However I am posting below the times where they offer gluten free pizzas for $7 each.  Yay. 

Monday –Friday: 4-6pm and 9-close
Saturday- 12-5 and 9-Close
Sunday- noon- 5

As far as the pizza itself, It was a thin crust that was a bit crumbly on the crust.  When I received one of the pizzas several of the crust ends had already fallen off.  The sauce was well seasoned and had reeked (in a good way) of garlic and onion.  The cheese was a fair amount but the pizza was not as hot as I would have hoped.  It's topped off with some yummy spices.  To the untrained tongue I assume it's basil plus something else.

All in all it was a good pizza.  I think there are better gluten free pizzas in Wichita…and worse.  However, when you can get one for $7 at certain times it is one of the best values in Wichita. 

Someone just told me Mulligan’s has a half price Friday so look into that.  Granite City in Wichita is interesting because they discontinued the GF pizza at the national chain but Wichita store lobbied to keep it and won!  Wichita Celiacs may be some of the most loyal customers anywhere.


  1. Stumbled upon this blog yesterday in search of a place my valentine and I could go. I LOVE IT. Thank you for being here, it means so much. Great information and so many places I can choose from now! THANK YOU!

  2. And recommended the site to 2 of my friends!

  3. I'm so glad I could be of help. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Granite City in west Wichita no longer offers gluten free pizza. They have other great gluten free foods they offer but not pizza.

  5. thanyou so much sharing of this information.nice blogs

  6. I was so impressed with the looks and the fact that the company has a brewery on site that I purchased the stock. No easy matter to get a permit from the state federal and local governemnts to open and run a brewery on site no easy task indeed.