Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Groupon for gluten free pizza - Wheat state pizza in Derby

Hey guys, I have a link for a groupon for gluten free pizza that I just found.  I am stoked!  Click on the link to get $20 worth for $10


  1. Hi everyone! Thanks for posting Wheat State Pizza on here! I am the Owner and boy howdy we are making lots of Gluten free folks happy--it's so cool to serve a great Gluten free pizza to everyone! We just added dairy free cheese so we can do Dairy Free and Vegan as well!

    Thanks Rick

  2. Hey Rick,

    I still have yet to make it down to Derby but I will make sure to do a full on review. Very thankful for another option in the Wichita area. Hopefully you guys can set yourselves apart with more gluten free fare. Do I hear garlic bread sticks, sandwiches or pasta?