Thursday, June 7, 2012

Picasso's Pizzeria


It seems almost yesterday I started a blog with a simple desire.  I wanted to help those who had Celiac disease in Wichita.  Three years ago and over 20,000 hits ago I was in search of Pizza.  Now Wichita has ton's of places to get gluten free Pizza.  Lets start at the top.  First it was Godfathers.  Followed by Wichita Pizza Co, Granite City Brewery, Ya Ya's, Wheat State Pizza and Mulligan's pub.  Jeez what a difference a few years make.

Things have been crazy in the last few months as our son has been in the hospital 4 times and once for almost a month in Kansas City.  In that time I have had Picasso's pizza four yummy times. 

They have all kinds of different options including a white pizza covered in Ricotta.  Picasso's is toward the top of my list.  The ambiance is fun and original.  The staff is nice. (Although one guy was wearing a Raider hat)  I don't trust Raiders fans. :)

The only little hang up I had was the sauce was a little too spiced for me.  Obviously not so much that I have stopped going.  Some pizza places add a little too much of something for my taste.  When I get the white pizza I have no problem with it. 

Most people don't have a problem with that either, so I encourage you to go to Picasso's and please let me know what you think.


  1. Caution about Picasso's - I had called about a month ago to order a GF pizza and they discouraged me from ordering it, depending on "how allergic" I was. Apparently they had a customer get sick from the GF crust. I asked on their facebook page if they'd taken measures to avoid cross contamination and it went unanswered. They took it OFF the menu for a bit, but now it's back on. I'm leery, but really want to support this local business.

  2. I got sick eating there. And yes i have celiac disease. I will never eat pizza there again. Mulligans is amazing and never made me sick.

    1. I am celiac. have trouble eating at most restaurants period. I eat Picasso's at least once a week when I am working downtown, and so far no problems.

      excellent pie for GF...