Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picasso's Pizzeria: sad update

The family took me to Picasso's pizza today for Father's day.  We were sad to learn they are uncomfortable serving people with Celiac now.  Booooo.  They said dough gets in the communal cheese and thus into the GF pizza.  I have not been sick after eating there in the past but if you go you are playing the proverbial gluten roulette. 

I am sad about this one.  Sorry people.  I would take Picasso's off the list. 


  1. You would probably be surprised at how many of the supposedly GF dishes have had slight cross contamination like this. I think Picasso's people are just more honest and responsible about it.

  2. I have eaten here and got extremely sick. I have celiac disease and i would never recommend this place so someone with Celiac disease. I called the manager and it was clear he didnt know about cross contamination.

  3. I ate there last night and loved it... until a few hours later and the cramping set in. Loved the food, but it did not love me. Sadness.

  4. I've eaten at Picasso's several times in the past few weeks, and haven't been contaminated. It usually only takes my body 20 minutes to know whether or not I ate any gluten, and either I've been lucky here or they've cleaned up their act recently.

    There are other pizza places with a contamination warning (like Domino's) that have left me feeling sick as a dog, but so far from my recent experience this place is safe.