Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jose Peppers, no thanks.

It's looks pretty good, but...
Another day and another gluten free menu…This time I was alerted by one of my readers.  Thanks so much.  Keep ‘em coming!

Jose Peppers is a Mexican restaurant in Wichita that I’ve never tried before.  There are two reasons: 1) I am never really much interested in Tex Mex.  2) No gluten free menu. 

Well since I’ve heard they’ve gone gluten free I’ve been excited to try them.  My standards have changed for sure. 

The chips are super thin and hot.  I didn’t find out if they are made in a dedicated fryer, though.  The salsa was quite good as well.   Okay that’s where my joy stops.
Still not really sure if that corn stuff was GF

The staff was pretty clueless about what was gluten free or not.  I was directed to the confusing menu.  I ordered enchiladas since they were on the menu.  Good thing I checked on the sauce since they are supposed to substitute the sauce.  That was close.   When my enchilada came it was too spicy and really just not that great.  The chicken was fair.  My wife had rolled tacos and they were a little too oily. 

The fact is the menu is not very helpful and the staff isn’t much help either.  I will try the tacos another time but really I would suggest going to Carlos O’Kelly’s if you are in the mood for this kind of fare.  Carlo’s is about the same price and has a much more knowledgeable staff and comprehensive menu.    

On the bright side, if everyone is headed to Jose Pepper's I can join them.  Even if it's not great, I probably won't get sick if I am careful.


  1. I've never been too impressed with Jose Peppers.

  2. Awe:( My fiance has celiac and we go to Jose Peppers because he can eat the enchiladas. He usually gets the trio covered with espinaca because the sauces are not gluten free, and they are much better with the espinaca! Also, those weird corn balls they put on the side are not gluten free. We love Jose Peppers, so hopefully you give it another try! :)

  3. I wasn't feeling as good afterwards. Not the worst I've had. I think I should have listened to the wife and not eaten the corn stuff. D'oh.

  4. I have always gotten sick after eating their now I stay away. Believe it or not, there's no Carlos O Kellys here in KC!! I only get to eat there when I'm visiting my parents in Hutchinson!

  5. And I know it's the chips because I only eat chips/espinaca/salsa and a taco with a corn shell.... so.........

  6. Kristen, I am not as sensitive as some but I was feeling it for sure. The chips taste great, though.

    Too bad you can't enjoy Carlo's as often, they really want to do well by us Celiac's and have even asked me for suggestions. They are consistently earning our business.

  7. When i went a few weeks ago they now have a fresh bag of tortilla chips that they offer if u ask about gluten free items. their reg chips are fryed in same oil as other non gf items. they will give u the bag of chips at no extra charge :-)

  8. Well, that's a start. Not so sure I want to go there unless forced.

  9. Anyone know if the margarita's are gf?

  10. I had the same experience when I went to Jose's. It has a terrible menu for GF and be careful of the fried corn taquitos because they coat them with flour before frying them! The staff is clueless and the manager acts as if he has NO interest in encouraging the company to be more GF friendly. What a bum!

  11. I love Jose Peppers. I have been going since I was 10 yrs old starting at the very original tiny restaurant in a small strip mall in Overland Park Kansas. That was 27 years ago. Sounds like, as it has grown in numbers, your some restaurants quality has been lost. Especially in Wichita. But in Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa and Leawood, I was just glad when I could start eating there again, even if there are very limited GF items on menu. Even if it wasn't the fried ice cream (awesome) or chimichangas. I was not diagnosed with Celiac Disease until 10 years ago. So it took about 8 years before I could go there again. Their cheese queso and espinaca is GF, cheese enchiladas with cheese queso sauce is what I order. A la carte. Of course there chips are awesome. Don't give up yet. Sounds like its the one's in Wichita that aren't up to par. But, I still love them!

    1. there corn chips are not gluten free they are not fried in a dedicated frier, have checked both in overland park and shawnee, get sick every time i have tried,