Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sad thymes: Wild Thyme Cafe is closing today at 4pm!

I just saw the post on their facebook.  I'm quite sad that we didn't get the chance to go there more often. 
What a sad development.  Below is the post:
"It saddens me to announce the closing of Wild Thyme Cafe, Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 4 PM. They say location, location and it's true. Our little restaurant is just too small to and too far off the high traffic area to produce enough income to keep going. I have a fantastic staff of people who loved Wild Thyme as much as I did and gave so much to the success of the restaurant in quality of food and service. This was a new concept and I think the people who did frequent us appreciated our food as much as we appreciated them as customers. Anyone holding unusedgift certificates please call me at 305-1396 all gift certificates will be redeemed. Also all upcoming catering events will be completed. It was a great 9 months working in the Maize, my home for many years."

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  1. Oh that's too bad!! I've been meaning to try it after I saw your recent review on it. :/