Monday, August 22, 2011

Gluten free in Dallas, BJ's pizza

The wife and I drove down to Dallas to see a Chargers game yesterday.  We are already home and it has been a whirlwind.  But seriously, how could I turn down $5 tickets??  The stadium is as incredible as people say. 

We started off with a burger from In N Out and I am still drooling looking back.  Please pray they come to Wichita. 

For lunch today we had BJ's pizza, which is all over the place.  I have eaten there with my family in Chula Vista, California and I believe they have one in Kansas City too. 

It was above average pizza and when dipped in Marinara sauce, even better.

The best part of the meal was the pazookie.  It is a gluten free cookie that is wonderfully undercooked.  It is then topped with ice cream! YUM!


  1. Why didn't you give the address???????
    BTW: I got a "gluten-free" Pizza at Wichita Pizza Company on Webb road that I took home and devoured...turned out it was NOT gluten-free and I really suffered for it. I fired off an email to them and told them what they had done but I got NO response. I had eaten there before and had no problems, but have not and will not go back.

  2. This one is in Dallas. I don't usually put addresses as I assume you guys can just google it.

    Sorry to hear you got sick. I have never had that problem before. I can usually tell if it's a different pizza. I've had that happen at a few different places where it seems too good to be true!