Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dolci and Joe's is amazing and a Note about Yia Yia's

On Saturday after attending the Shocker rally for Wichita State winning the NIT, (Yay!) Ashley and I were meeting friends to eat.  We struggled to find anything near hillside that was okay for celiac.  Nearby is a two  brothers BBQ but different stores say different things are gluten free. Until they can be sure I am not going there.  If they could just get the sauce!

So we were left feeling hungry and frustrated.  A friend suggested a place called Dolci and Joe's.  I said yes out of hunger knowing it could be a fiasco. 

The chef there is super helpful.  He told me everything that was in the BBQ sauce, which he made himself.  I had the Beef Brisket and it was AMAZING.  I think it was the best brisket I've ever had.  It was juicy and mildly spicy.  The fries are not made in a dedicated fryer but they seemed very willing to help me out.  If you just have a sensitivity you must try them!  Please go there.  As always, make sure to ask about ingredients yourself as things always chang and I am an idiot.

As for Yia Yia's:

The wife and I went there last week and they were not as helpful as the previous time.  They seemed put off by my desire to have the crab cakes again.  This place makes amazing food but is so hot or cold. (figuratively)   My suggestion is to call ahead before you dine with them to make sure they will make what you want.  However, with that being said the crab cakes are incredible and worth putting up with some annoyed staffers... if you are craving seafood.

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