Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best of Wichita 2010

Best gluten free Grocery Store- Food For Thought.
You cannot beat the selection.  The frozen food section is vast.  They have aisles of gluten free stuff.
Runner up- Green Acres.  Great selection.

Best gluten free Asian food-  PF Changs, seriously the food is amazing and they treat you like royalty.
Runner up- Pei Wei.  I wish we had one on the east side.
                          Hu Hot kinda scares me every time.  So much cross contamination.

Best gluten free Fast food-  Five Guys!- Greasy and not the cheapest but incredible.
Love that dedicated fryer.
Runner up- Wendy's.  Meh...

Best gluten free BBQ-  Hog Wild Pit BBQ-  It's messy, sweet, tangy, spicy and very good.  But don't be late they close at eight.
Runner up- Dolci and Joe's.  They make their own BBQ sauce.

Best gluten free Sea Food- Bone Fish Grill- Pretty good.
Runner up- If you can get Yia Yia's to make those crab cakes for you.

Best gluten free Italian-  Yia Yia's-  My wife likes the gluten free pizza.  I like the pasta.
Runner up- NONE, try harder Olive Garden and Godfather's....gross, Carino's is closed.
                     I've never had Carrabba's but the menu has no pasta, blech.

Best gluten free Mexican-  Tie for first Pablano- It is like Chipotle only better and cheaper.
Also tied for first is Carlos O' Kelly's- I do like the  cheesy enchilladas.  I love the chips and Salsa.
Runner up- Chipotle- expensive but good.   I've never tried Abuelo's. Too expensive.

Best gluten free Americana meal-  Jason's deli- Gluten free bread and great service.
Runner up- Red Robin- Don't forget to leave off the seasoning.
Chili's got my order wrong and made me wait a long time once.  Haven't been back.

Best gluten free Dessert- Baskin Robins-  Yum, yum, yum.
Runner up- Dairy queen.
 I love Orange Leaf but they have no idea whats in their food.  I am not including the awesome dessert at PF Changs.  There is also a fun one at Outback Steakhouse.  Wild Thyme Cafe is great but I've only had people bring me stuff from there.

Do you guys have any other favorites in Wichita?  Post them please! I would love to share and support them.

As always, every time you go somewhere check with them to make sure things are gluten free.  I have been stupid in the past and I will again.


  1. I just discovered Carlos O'kelly's GF menu this past week. Yummy AND no tummy aches! I always forget that ground beef isn't gf at a lot of places. Still haven't made it to Jason's Deli - really need to go, thanks for the reminder :)

  2. I really like Wild Thyme I have eaten there sandwiches and keylime pie was awsome and there chocolate chip cookies. The food I ate was all gluten free.:)

  3. Thanks for sharing Carla. It sounds like it's really awesome.