Friday, February 5, 2010

Red Robin left me whistling

I have eaten at Red Robin a couple of times recently and have been suprised at how well they treat me.  They know about celiac and they are very careful.  They don't do anything crazy like making gluten free buns, but they are still kind and knowledgable.  They use a dedicated frier for the fries and the burger wrap was pretty well done.  Fries.  Seriously.  I love fries.  Just make sure to ask for no seasoning on the burger or fries. 

Also we have struggled going out recently because of our daughter, Faith and finding a baby sitter.
If you like loud places, or have kids its perfect.  If you would like a nice quiet evening, go elsewhere.

Also, I will soon pot a recipe I tried out to make for Rubio's Fish Taco's.  I miss them some thing terrible and so attempted to make them myself.  It could not have turned out better.


  1. Ok, I am very new at this gluten free stuff. Just diagnosed in Nov. 2009. My husband loves this rest. So, when you have the burger I assume you just go bun free or do you bring your own bread. Thanks for all the help you can give me.