Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carlos O' Kelly's

Someone once told us that Mexican food helps get a prego woman into labor. So, three months ago Ashley and I last went to Carlo's O' Kelly's. That night we met our daughter, Faith. So I guess they were right. This time we were very excited to go and not just to pop out a child but to see the new gluten free menu. It used to be that each store just sorta guessed and you hoped you wouldn't be sick that night. Now the menu is super nice. (A PF Changs feel)

I ordered the Gluten free enchilladas and they were quite good. Instead of a red sauce they use a gooey cheesy sauce. It felt a lot like regular, real people, food. We enjoyed our meal with bottomless strawberry lemonaide and I have to admit it was one of my better food experiences in Wichita.

Ashley got the taco salad and it didn't translate as well as mine. Without that awesome flour tortilla bowl something is lost. But when it comes down to it, kudos to Carlos for the effort they made to reach the celiac. I am telling many silly yaks to go now! I know I am going back hungry very soon!
FYI, they may offer you a beer when they seat you with your GF menu. Obviously they are learning this stuff.


  1. I ordered the taco salad for my daughter. I specifically said Gluten-Free but they gave it to her with the giant flour tortilla bowl anyway. Too bad it was takeout. Don't think we'll be going back!

  2. Bummer to hear about that. I have since met someone who is high up in the company. They are working very hard to educate employees about celiac and really want to earn our business. I think if you contacted the office they would definitly want to make it right. If you have trouble with that, contact me and I will call him myself.