Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hu Hot mongolian Grill

Hey guys,
The other day Ashley and I went to Hu Hot and had a great time there. They make sure to clean the grill several times before they put the food on it. The gluten free sauces are okay but the choices are few. The pad thai noodles are great and the meat is awesome. If you get seriously ill from Gluten, there is a strong possibility of cross contamination if you are not super careful. The Wichita location may not have all that is available but they have good options. Also if you don't like those options bring a little brown sugar and gluten free soy sauce and there you have Teriyaki!

Here is the gluten free info from the website.

SAUCES: The following sauces are wheat and gluten free, so those customers sensitive to wheat or gluten CAN EAT:
• Black Thai Peanut
• Yellow Belly Curry• Kung Pao... Yow!
• Not So Sweet and Sour

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