Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carlos O' Kelly's

Should anyone really eat at an Irish mexican place? Since I lived most of my life within ten miles of the Mexican border I would tell you no. However, there are few options that are assuredly safe for Celiac's in Wichita, especially Mexican so we gave it a try.
To start the Chips and Salsa are really good and if you are like me and have stomach problems, you really don't want anything spicy. Secondly, the food is pretty ok. The server at the location by town east actually had a print out of what was ok. Ashley and I had the ground beef tacos, shredded beef tacos and Chicken tacos. The gluten free chicken is bland. The ground beef has an odd tex mex taste to it, which some may find great. Um...yeah not me. However the shredded beef was good. Nice spices and totally juicy. We also added sour cream and it was nice. Hopefully I will get to try the queso dip sometimes. I was excited to see it was gluten free.

I know Chipotle is gluten free but do we know of any other mexican places in Wichita that are gluten free? I would love it if we had Rubio's. That place rocks.


  1. Sorry I'm late to the party, but I just found your blog. For Mexican I like Playa Azul in Old Town. I get the "Durango" and haven't had any problems. Definitely tell them you need it gluten free, though, just it case.

    Oh and congratulations on your daughter, she shares my birthday!

  2. Rachel,
    I'm glad to hear about it. I also had some pretty good luck at Poblano's but I think I need to investigate more.