Friday, January 30, 2009

PF Changs

This company is amazing. They have just recently updated their menu and it truly is awesome. The manager treats you like royalty and the head chef cooks your meal.

I recommend several things…

You should definitely start out with the gluten free lettuce wraps. I dream about them at night. I personally like the Lemon Chicken, although it is kinda zingy and might offend the less adventurous. (my palate of burgers and fries is probably more sophisticated then yours.) The ginger chicken is a little more middle of the road but it is really good.

If you are brave you might want to ask them to make you something gluten free that is off the GF menu. I have had the Beef with Broccoli and it was excellent. They have made me the honey crispy chicken too and it has been good and bad. However, when it was bad, they made it again for me. I think the Wichita location has it down now.

Finally, when you are ready to splurge, you must try the Flourless, chocolate dome. The best gluten free dessert I have ever had! No offense, ma!

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  1. The chocolate dome is the best. thing. ever. Takes me 3 days to eat it all. Thanks for the blog, very helpful!