Saturday, January 31, 2009

Freddy's frozen custard

This place is not for Celiac's but if you must go, here is my advice.

Ask them to use a new spatula and clean off part of the grill. Then ask if they would be willing to wrap your burger in lettuce. With cheese and grilled onions the steak burger is quite good. However, do not go when they are busy. They have a tough time already and cannot promise safety when it is crowded.

Also you CANNOT eat the fries. They do not have a dedicated fryer so chicken fingers and other things I would love to eat but can't are also fried there. Too bad, those fries sound, look and smell amazing.

I went last night (friday) and it was so packed that they couldn't promise me there would not be cross contamination and so we decided to go to Wendy's.

Don't forget to try the Frozen Custard and be smart. Don't get it with oreos! duh!

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  1. The seasoning is gluten free also I have posted an update here: