Friday, October 7, 2011

Gluten free at Big Lots!

Yes this box is already empty in less than a day.  Quit judging me!
I used to go to Big Lots with my family as a kid.  I used to spend my $2 allowance on all sorts of things.  I once bought a "Rocky 4" punching bag and a Michael Jackson's "Thriller" shirt.  I was sooo cool.  Back then it was called Pic N Save.  Also back then I could eat gluten.  Recently a friend tipped us off to the bounty available at Big Lots and we checked it out. 

We were fired up!  We found a pound of gluten free pasta for $2.  They also had 4 shapes of pasta for the same low price. 

If you are a Bob's red mill fan, they had that stuff too.  A lot of it. 

Finally they had several different types of cheese crackers ala cheeze itz for a very good price.  We went to the one on 21st and Woodlawn so I don't know about the other locations but I would assume they are just as good. 

If you find good things there, would you please share them with us?  Nothing lasts and I would love to try out some new awesome stuff.

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