Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hog wild pit BBQ

Last night my family went to hog wild BBQ.  BBQ is something I have really missed.
I know we have Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and Chili's ribs but it's not authentic.  Hog wild was really good.
They knew about the allergy and said they served lots of celiacs.   They seemed to know what they were doing.
I did have a concern about the modified food starch in the BBQ sauce but I feel fine the next day.  I had amazing  ribs and brisket.  My mouth is watering remembering.  The baked beans were also awesome.

On another note, how awesome is it to live in Wichita and have celiac?  We really do have a ton of options.

We have about 4 stores for groceries.  We have tons of places to eat.  We just need a bakery!


  1. Hi Dale, a fellow Wichitan here...I don't have celiac disease but am gluten-intolerant and get nasty GI effects from eating have recently gone gluten-free. I've also since found out that one of my sons needs to be gluten-free as well. It's nice to read about the possibilities for dining out...I'm currently recovering from a bout of gluten cross-contamination when we went home to visit my folks for the holidays. Once I'm feeling 100% and get a better handle on this whole gluten-free business, I look forward to benefiting from some of your research on dining out here in Wichita.

  2. Hi, I have celiac myself and while I don't live in Wichita, it is where my husband and I go when we go shopping or have a family day out. What are the good grocery stores in Wichita though? I'm struggling with finding some decent baked goods that are gluten-free. Right now my favorite restaurant is P.F. Changs. I love going there and feeling like I'm pretty much 'normal' by ordering off their gluten free menu.


  3. Hello Shawn,
    Thanks for reading. It reminds me to update the blog!
    I would suggest these in this order:

    1. Food For thought (The best but quite expensive)
    2. Green Acres (expensive)
    3. Whole Foods (expensive, are you noticing a trend?)
    4. Also the larger Dillion's stores have a fairly good selection.

  4. Also Shawn,
    The best baked goods have to be baked by you! I might also mention it is nice to have a bread maker. We like to order from as well.

  5. I have a new breadmaker, even has a gluten-free setting. I have to admit that I'm still a little daunted by all the various flours though and so far I've only made Pamela's gluten-free bread mix in it. I love Pamela's cornbread mix but the bread is really heavy and dense, I'm hoping to find one a little lighter and with some regular bread texture. and I have become great friends! LOL I'm surprised that it doesn't just speak to me when I log on now..."Hello Shawn, back to spend some more money with me?" ;o)

  6. We make Pamela's all the time. Weird, it never seems dense to us.