Saturday, April 21, 2012

Delish Cafe basically lives up to it's namesake.

Lately the wife and I have been addicted to Tanya’s soup kitchen.  Although, sometimes her options are lacking in the GF department, we still frequent her establishment.  Sometimes the soup is extra spicy which doesn’t work for me.  Sometimes, like last night they offer a blueberry “smoopy.”  Yeah…  It’s cold.   It’s fruity.  It’s yummy but it’s not soup to me.   Why they would offer it on a cold day is beyond me, but since Tanya’s is probably my favorite place to eat in Wichita, they get a free pass. 

Our saga with our son and His William’s syndrome has been tiring but yesterday we had a nurse watch him and a friend play with our daughter so we were able to go on a real live date!  Hooray for 11:30 am dates!
            We had heard of “Delish” at “Food for Thought” and had considered going there on many occasions only to be lured back to Tanya’s.  (If it aint broke…)  However the thought of cold “smoopy” gave us a Tanya’s pass. 

Delish is in the back corner of Food for Thought and it is quite good.  The wife and I both ordered sandwiches with soup on the side.  They definitely cater to the gluten free crowd, offering every sandwich, gluten free, for a dollar more.
            My sandwich was good.  It was a curry chicken salad on a “Schar” brand baguette, which I already have a love affair with.  The sandwich was a nice combination of salty and sweet.  It was enjoyable.  My wife had a turkey Sandwich with a raspberry jam on it.  I liked hers even more, although I am not a huge fan of mustard even if it contains honey.  Our soup was broccoli Cheese and it was also good.  I tried the other soups and they were good as well, although I thought they needed a dash of salt.  Do you notice I am overusing the term good?  I don’t think adequate or fine are complimentary enough but great or transcendent go too far.  The soup was better than passable but I am not so sure it was even handmade.  The sign said they proudly serve Kettle Cuisine soups, which is fine. 
            The carrot cake muffins were very good but once again made from a mix.  In the end I would have to say that “Delish” is a bit overpriced as all gluten free food is.  It is a little ordinary but I do believe they are moving more and more towards something great as they find their niche. 
            As long as Tanya’s is in town “delish” will always play second fiddle.  I am grateful to have a place they does gluten free well and you will see me there next time Tanya’s is serving smoopy.  Until then, I hope you give it a try.  Bring a little extra salt to the table and enjoy one more place to eat when people ask us the dreaded question: “Where the heck can you eat?”